Who We Work With

Coolpro works closely with commercial trades to strategise, design, and install ducted ooling and heating solutions in all types of homes, apartments, commercial offices, and industrial spaces in Melbourne.

Since 2000 we’ve had extensive experience working with a variety of commercial trades.

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Builders and Home Builders

Through new builds or renovations, our clients want ducted heating and cooling Melbourne solutions that are efficient and there for the long term. Energy efficient appliances help to keep costs low while simultaneously reducing a family or business’s carbon footprint. Find out how we work with builders and home builders.

Commercial Fit out Companies

Fit out companies are experts in creating stylish, functional, practical, and professional working spaces. A workforce’s climate comfort is an extremely important aspect of an intelligent commercial fit out. Coolpro deliver on time, compliant and commissioned fit out installations.


The architect is the backbone of a new construction or renovation. Their meticulous design and planning is the foundation of the build. We work with architects through this crucial stage to plan effective ducted heating and cooling Melbourne.


We work with commercial developers and builders to integrate our ducted heating and cooling systems into their building plans. Commercial properties, like office buildings filled with various people, require tactical climate solutions.

Interior Designers

Once planning is complete and construction begins, it’s now time to envisage how a new property will look. Interior decorations combine practicality with comfort and beauty in various rooms of a home, office, or other property type. But there’s a little more involved in an interior designer’s job. Find out more. 

Need Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne?

No matter which commercial trade we work with, we will deliver:

  • Quality service
  • Customised solutions
  • The best and most efficient products
  • Designs that abide by industry standards and regulations
  • Ongoing maintenance support

Our loyal team is dedicated to fulfilling heating and cooling needs. In each project we undertake, we strive to work closely with each trade, creating a streamlined process and paying particular attention to detail across all aspects of heating and cooling.

If you need ducted heating and cooling Melbourne, you need Coolpro. Contact us today.