Split System AC

The ducted heating and cooling market is large and diverse: there are many kinds of air conditioning solutions including reverse cycle and small duct systems and split systems.

The split system – particularly the wall hang split system – is one of the most common types of air conditioning solutions in Australia.

Split System Installation

What is a Split System AC?

A split system AC is a type or air conditioner that consists of two separate units:

  • One is located outside, and contains a compressor and condenser.
  • One is located inside, where the desired heating and cooling is dispersed

The two units are connected by tubes and coils.

Split system installation is popular in both commercial and residential builds, and can be designed and installed by our fully licensed air conditioner contractors.

Advantages of a Split System AC

  • A split system is one of the most economical air conditioning systems, and therefore the most used in Australia.
  • Sleek and modern designs look stylish in homes and particularly commercial spaces.
  • They produce very little noise as the compressor unit is located separately, outside a building.
  • Most current split systems are equipped with “reverse cycle” technology too, meaning they can be used to cool and heat a space

Drawbacks of a Split System Air Conditioning Melbourne

  • Installation is sometimes complicated and will involve wall drilling where tubes and wires are installed
  • Sometimes, the installation of a split air conditioning can be more expensive than the device itself
  • Installation is generally fixed and permanent, so moving a unit can become complex

Rest easy, though: Coolpro’s licensed contractors work hard to create the most cost effective split system solution, and we get it right the first time.

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