Small Ducted Air Conditioner Perfect for Tight Spaces!

In the past, when renovating or building a new home or office, the heating and air conditioning system had to fit. If it didn’t fit, you either made sacrifices, or paid hefty fees to find a tailor made solution.

Those days are over thanks to the new technology achieved with a small ducted air conditioner. These smart ducts fit almost anywhere, enhancing comfort, energy efficiency, and health.

Small Duct System

The Advantages of Small Duct Air Conditioning and Heating

Every building project has a price, but when there are issues installing heating and air conditioning, alterations need to be made. Sometimes, these unexpected costs blow out a building budget.

Small duct air conditioning and heating systems provide cooling and heating in a compact size. This means the systems can fit into places where conventional ducts cannot.

The compact size of small duct systems means that you can save money on alterations that may have been required to accommodate a typical system. Small duct systems are also perfect for flat roof homes where space may be very tight. Their whisper quiet functionality and beautiful design means you can achieve uncompromised comfort with style in even the tightest of spaces.

More benefits include:

Smaller Ducts Offer Great Flexibility

What makes small duct systems so unique is the size of the ducts. Ducts in conventional systems can be as wide as 500mm, but in a small duct system, ducts start from as little as 70mm. Because these systems use smaller ducts, the temperature inside the ducts remains constant and is less likely to fluctuate.

Small Duct Systems Are Up To 300% More Efficient

Small Duct Systems use extremely efficient and high performance fans that reduce running costs by an average of 50%. Because Small Duct Systems use a smaller diameter duct, they are often up to 300% more efficient than traditional heating and cooling ducting.

Small Duct Systems Offer Separate Controllable Zones

Just like traditional ducted systems, small duct systems can be divided into separate zones.

Each zone can be controlled as a whole or independently via a thermostat ensuring the system operates as efficiently as possible. Small duct systems can even be integrated into home automation systems for that feeling of total control.

Small Duct Systems Provide Complete Structural Integrity

Sometimes conventional heating and cooling systems are hard if not impossible to fit into new or existing builds. Flat roofs and limited ceiling space are just some of the issues that make installing some systems extremely difficult.

Unlike conventional heating and cooling systems, small duct systems offer heating and cooling that can be installed where others can’t… even where there is limited space.

Small Duct Systems Offer Superior Fresh Air

Integrate add-ons to your small duct system, including:

  • Hospital grade electronic
  • Electrostatic
  • HEPA filters

These add-on filters ensure a healthier and cleaner environment for all by reducing indoor contamination.

You Won’t Have To Change Your Building Plans

When building plans change, they can often disrupt the design and layout to heating and air conditioning.

When walls change and floors and ceilings become more condensed, the space available for heating and cooling ducts is reduced. When this occurs, builders will often have to install bulkheads or other space reducing measures to retain existing heating and cooling systems.

With small duct systems, you have less to worry about if you end up changing your plans. Because the ducts are up to 300% more efficient than regular ducted systems, small duct systems can fit into even the tightest of places. Small duct systems are easily installed in ceilings, under staircases or even in closets.

Small Duct Air Conditioning Melbourne

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