Multi Head Air Conditioner

Today, technology advances at a frantic pace. As such, we’re always looking to the future, engaging the most sophisticated and advanced technology to meet all kinds of market demands.

Multi Head Split System

You’re likely familiar with split system air conditioning, but as technology has advanced, we can also offer the more versatile and adaptable multi head split system.

A multi head split system differentiates from the regular split system in that a single outdoor unit has the capacity to connect to multiple indoor units.

Multi head air conditioner is one of the most flexible options you can find to maintain the exterior aesthetics of your home and/or if there is not enough surface area on the outside to mount multiple external components.

Coolpro Air can strategise, design, and install the perfect multi head air conditioner solution for your next project or build. Contact us today.

Advantages of Multi Head Split System

Multi head split systems are flexible, versatile, and convenient.

The main advantage of a multi head air conditioner is the convenience of having only one appliance outdoors and up to eight on the inside. This also means there is less to install, which may help to reduce installation time.

Energy saving is another strong point of a multi head split system because with a single compressor, several machines can work at the same time, meaning less energy is required and consumed.

Once you engage Coolpro, we’ll design and install the best multi-head unit for your specific project. If the unit fails we will come out and fix it under warranty.

While some split systems can be limited in their air flows, Coolpro will help you get around air flow issues issues with thorough design and contruct for your property or project.

Ducted Heating And Cooling Melbourne

Coolpro can help choose the right multi head air conditioning solution and other ducted heating and cooling Melbourne systems that fits your budget. We partner with some of Australia’s most trusted and popular air conditioning manufacturers including, AirSmart, Haier, and Mitsubishi.

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