Aircon Installation for Interior Designers

Designers do more than pick out furniture, finalise rug placement, and advise on colour and tones.

Interior Designers

Not only do they make a home or office stylish, but they also make it functional, safe, and practical. All of these elements combine to form a space that makes people feel comfortable and at ease.

Coolpro has been working with interior designers for many years, bringing comfort and style and the best ducted air conditioning Melbourne homes, apartments, buildings and other residential and commercial establishments.

Working with Interior Designers

Interior designers specialise in combining tastes, ideas, and needs with architecture, furniture, and products in a harmonious way. It’s no easy task!

No matter what theme a decorator is working on whether that’s minimalist, classic, vintage, or rustic we work closely with interior designers towards their end goal of creating a comfortable and safe space. Heating and cooling is a key factor here.

Interior designers seek to choose the right ducted air conditioning system that doesn’t damage or change the style of the room. An off white, bulky machine doesn’t really say “modern”, does it? Better yet, there’s no need for wall mounted units, either. We create the best solutions using the best systems to achieve comfort with uncompromised style.

Are you an interior designer who needs help with a heating and cooling solution?

Coolpro can help choose the right ducted air conditioning styles, models, and brands that can fit any design environment. With Coolpro’s help, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

AirSmart’s Beautiful Design

Coolpro Air is a proud partner of AirSmart air conditioners.

AirSmart is perfect for interior designers who are looking for a stylish air conditioner.

AirSmart ducting system and refined air grilles integrate with a living space for a beautiful, clean finish. Forget unsightly air grilles and thermostats; AirSmart is designed to be unobtrusive at all times.

Call us today or fill in this contact form to enquire about AirSmart and other ducted air conditioning systems that enhance not hinder a beautiful space.