Hydronic Heating Melbourne

Simple. Effective. Efficient.

These are three keywords that perfectly describe hydronic heating Melbourne.

Its simplicity is truly impressive: a hydronic system works when water is heated by a boiler, moved through sealed pipes, and sent to radiators, which emit a pleasant, comfortable heat.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of hydronic heating is that it produces no noise. In hydronic heating, heat is emitted through an object (the radiator) rather than by air and air movement. As a result, it is completely silent.

Hydronic heating can be used in conjunction with a small duct heating system.

Ducted Heating Melbourne

The secret behind luxury homes, apartments, and hotels is underfloor heating.

Underfloor is increasingly popular in new builds, as it is installed under the concrete during the construction phase. Coolpro works with commercial and residential builders to implement underfloor heating solutions to a variety of builds.

There are typically two types of underfloor heating, in-slab and in-screed.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Slab Heating

In-screed Heating

During in-slab heading, heating pipes are installed in the construction slab prior to the slab being poured. The seamless process cannot be achieved without consistent communication between the Coolpro team and builders and any other related trades.

Clear communication keeps the project running, because when one critical step is missed or delayed, it affects the rest of the process.

In-screed heating is a type of underfloor heating typically installed between two separate slabs. Once the first slab has been poured and has dried, the heating cables are installed into a thin insulation board and fixed to this first piece of slab. Then, the second layer is poured.

Careful planning and design is critical here, as unconsidered additional height due to the insulation board can result in design flaws in stairs, flooring, windows, and doors.

Baxi Boilers Australia

The name Baxi is synonymous in Europe for sophisticated, effective, and high quality boilers. And now, Coolpro brings European luxury heating and cooling to Australia.

Baxi manufactures boilers suitable for all kinds of commercial and residential properties. Their systems ensure high performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Coolpro is a proud Baxi supplier and installer for a variety of hydronic heating solutions.

More Examples of Hydronic Heating Melbourne


Towel Rails

A variety of sizes and shapes ensures that your next project or build can be equipped with the whole-of-home comfort hydronic heating is known for. Enjoy silent yet effective heating for any kind of residential or commercial space.

Simplistic, elegant, and comfortable: towel rails come in a variety of shapes and sizes and not only heat up or dry a towel, but can also help to heat a bathroom. The quick-drying capability also improves bathroom hygiene, eliminating a damp breeding ground for bacteria.