Haier Air Conditioner

Haier was founded in China in 1984, building an international reputation from day one. Their smart and efficient household products are suited to everyday use, and their ducted air conditioning systems are no exception.


One of China’s most innovative companies, Haier prides itself on manufacturing a range of household appliances with the consumer’s comfort and budget in mind. Did you know they successfully won the bid to provide air conditioning equipment to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?

Customer insight is a driving force in the company’s ongoing innovation. They are renowned for their range of simple and sleek wall-mounted inverter split systems. Great benefits can be seen below.

Wall-mounted Inverter Split Systems

Thanks to its advanced technology and high-quality build, Haier’s wall-mounted inverter split systems offer a number of benefits:

  • More efficient running costs
  • Ability to quickly reach temperature
  • Set your desired comfort zone
  • Reduced temperature fluctuations
  • Lower operational noise

All of these benefits work towards creating a more comfortable environment without the added strain or pressure on your system. Haier’s inverted split systems deliver precise heating and cooling through controlled compressor speeds.

Costs are kept lower as a unit consumes less power – without sacrificing comfort. The ability to quickly reach the desired temperature saves your system from working overtime, while the quiet operation does not disrupt the ambiance of a space.

Haier Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

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