Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne

Working through a series of floor and ceiling ducts to keep you cool and warm, ducted heating and cooling solution is popular in Melbourne homes that have the space.

A lot of planning and design goes into creating an energy efficient and tailored ducted air conditioning systems, so it’s important you engage with qualified heating and cooling experts.

Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne

A ducted heating and cooling system typically comprises three main parts:

  • The heating / cooling unit
  • Insulated ducts that carry air around the home
  • Floor and ceiling vents, where cool or warm air is dispersed into a room

A digital thermostat controls temperature settings.


Zoning is an exciting and modern feature present in many of the newer ducted heating and cooling systems. Clever technology, dictated by equally clever controllers, allows you to set a variety of temperature settings throughout different rooms of the home or office.

Energy Efficiency

A smart ducted air conditioning solution provides a variety of energy saving benefits.

With the right solution, you can:

  • Save up to 45% on running costs of heating and cooling per year
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions on heating and cooling by up to 45% per year
  • Eliminate excess peak power demand, ensuring comfort in extreme conditions
  • Double the capacity of your ducted air conditioning system

Floor or Ceiling Vents?

The answer might well be “both”.

Floor Vents

Floor vents are common for heating, as heat rises which results in a comfortable and even dispersion of heat.

Ceiling Vents

Ceiling vents are the popular choice for cooling, and newer solutions ensure vents are discreet and clean. Flat roofs and limited ceiling space affect the way traditional vents were installed, but today’s beautifully designed ceiling vents fit almost anywhere.


Regardless of whether you have floor vents, ceiling vents, or both, we’ll create the right ducted solution that offers more even and consistent temperature from the floor all the way through to the ceiling.

Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

If you need a ducted heating and cooling Melbourne for a new build, renovation, or restoration, you need the right advice from a trusted and experienced heating and cooling expert.

We’re with you every step of the way, from site inspection and design through to implementation.

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