Commercial Air Conditioning Melbourne

Coolpro Air provides commercial builders, trades, and offices all types of commercial air conditioning solutions.

Commercial Air Conditioning

No matter how big or small your project, we can strategise, design, and implement bespoke commercial air conditioning solutions all over Melbourne.

We provide a complete consulting service when you are planning a new build or commercial renovation. Using your existing designs and drawings, we can engineer a solution that maximises cost efficiency and comfort. Contact us now to organise a consultation.

Supplemental Cooling

Supplemental cooling provides additional cooling to a space (like an office block or any other commercial dwelling) that already has a ducted air conditioning solution installed. But what’s its purpose?

Supplemental cooling is used for specific areas in a single building that are harder to cool and thus still remain warm, even when that building already has a primary cooling solution.

Supplemental cooling can also improve the flow of air in a variety of commercial spaces, including offices, classrooms, hospitals, shopping centres, and more.

Tight Space? Get Ducted Air Conditoning

State of the art small duct systems are ideal for commercial buildings that have tight or inflexible spaces.

Small duct systems can provide both heating and air conditioning in compact sized ducting. This means a small duct system can fit in places where ordinary ducts simply can’t. For more information about small duct systems, click here.

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