Aircon Installation for Builders

Modern homes in Melbourne may look similar from the outside, but what’s behind the walls is another story. A trustworthy and qualified builder designs and optimises homes for comfort, durability, and performance. These days, we really shouldn’t expect anything less.

Aircon Installation for Builders

Heating and cooling is one of the most important aspects of home builds that has improved dramatically over the years. The right ducted air conditioning Melbourne solution offers:

  • Even temperature
  • Improved air circulation
  • Energy efficiency

Builders make many important decisions during design and construction. Air conditioning is an integral part of new builds including homes, apartments, and offices.

Coolpro’s fully licensed contractors work with all types of commercial and residential builders to achieve the perfect heating and cooling solution for any type of property.

Contact us to discuss the type of ducted air conditioning solutions right for your build. We’ll help design and implement the right strategy. If you have left it late, open consultation will get you the best solution for your project.

Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

Coolpro works closely with builders to create a comprehensive analysis based on the surface of the house, the type of insulation, materials, and the orientation of the house to select the correct dimensions of the heating and ducted air conditioning units.

Once the structure of the house has been built, the contractor installs the new system, ensuring the planned climate design is correctly implemented.

Coolpro will install:

  • The air conditioning / heating units
  • Pipelines
  • External equipment

Once all the components have been successfully installed, the system is put into operation.

Coolpro work harmoniously with builders and home builders all across Melbourne. Call us today if you are a builder who needs an experienced and fully licensed air conditioner contractor. Call Coolpro now.

We also work closely with architects and interior designers.