Ducted Air Conditioning Brands

We are suppliers for some of the world’s best and most trusted ducted air conditioning brands. Amongst all their products, we know we can find the right solution for your next build or project.

The three brands below are leading the world in air conditioning efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.

Melbourne Air Conditioning


AirSmart is a relatively new brand, established in 2011. Its directors, however, boast an impressive combined 50 years of experience in the ducted heating and cooling industry.

They are one of the world’s most reliable providers of small ducted systems; their system is one of the most efficient and versatile ones on the market. Learn more about AirSmart.


Haier was first established in 1984. This fast-growing Chinese company manufacturers a wide range of household goods including dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Their ducted air conditioning systems are built to the highest levels of quality while precise control ensures they are economical, flexible, and convenient. Learn more about Haier.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) develops advanced solutions specifically for the Australian climate. From wall-splits to inverters, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries delivers consistent reliability and durability. Discover more about MHIAA here.