Aircon Installation for Architects

An architect’s role is significant to every structure you see. From high rise buildings in the world’s biggest cities to that new apartment block being built down the road, an architect’s role in construction is critical.

Who We Work With

Coolpro is one of the leading choices of architects around Melbourne to get the best ducted air conditioning systems and solutions for homes, apartments, buildings, and all other types of commercial constructions. We have the best systems to ensure uncompromised architectural integrity.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

State of the art ducted air conditioning has become an indispensable application in all modern homes and buildings in Melbourne. These days, it is certainly an important requirement rather than a luxury.

Coolpro works with architects to achieve the perfect design, construction and aircon installation. We focus on the air quality supplied in order to ensure the health of the occupants, while energy efficiency is also an important consideration.

We provide CAD (Plandroid) system designs detailing all system dimensions and requirements.

Architects Working with Coolpro: the Design and Construction Process

When designing a ducted air conditioning system, architects and Coolpro’s contractors generally follow the following process:

  • An architectural plan is created, where we can clearly interpret a floorplan and all surfaces (including those bordering other rooms or exposed to the outside)
  • We perform an overall assessment of the area
  • We plan and design, keeping versatility, investment, budget, maintenance, and energy consumption front of mind
  • We select the right heating and cooling solutions (such as split systems, small duct systems, or ducted heating and cooling)
  • Aircon installation will be done in the most appropriate places
  • We conduct a final review to ensure all work has been completed