AirSmart Venturi

Coolpro is a proud partner of AirSmart Venturi systems. AirSmart uses the Venturi effect to bring you the best enhance comfort, health, and energy efficiency without compromising how you live.

Air Conditioning Design

Venturi System Effect

The Venturi Effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a fluid that is flowing through a pipe is forced through a narrow section, resulting in a pressure decrease and a velocity increase.

The Venturi Effect is similar to a jet effect (think the feeling you get when you press your thumb at the end of a garden hose with the water turned on.)

Modern applications include aquarium systems, water aspirators, cargo eductors on oil product, water evacuation from ship bilges, atomisers, foam firefighting nozzles, automobile carburetor, paint guns and, modern vapourisers to optimise efficiency.

Traditional Air Conditioning vs AirSmart Venturi System

  • Traditional air conditioners dump a high volume of conditioned air resulting in uncomfortable drafts, while AirSmart injects a low volume of energy dense air.
  • Traditional air conditioners require a huge amount of air to diffuse slowly throughout the room to achieve even small temperature change. AirSmart Venturi has rapid temperature response, achieving temperature changes in a fraction of the time.
  • Traditional air conditioners may produce uneven temperatures, like hot ceiling ‘clouds’ and cool floors due to ineffective flow and mixing. With AirSmart Venturi, temperature is consistent from floor to ceiling, which means no more hot and cold spots!
  • Traditional air conditioners can be noisy as they draw large volumes of air. AirSmart Venturi is whisper quiet.
  • Aesthetically, traditional air conditioners are sometimes bulky and grilles must often be placed in full view in order to be effective. With AirSmart Venturi, grilles can be hidden without impacting performance. They can be installed on the floor as well as in corners, ceiling, and even walls.

AirSmart’s Venturi system has redefined ducted heating and cooling Melbourne. Contact Coolpro today to learn more about this system or to start planning your next project. Call us now 0410 496 832.