AirSmart Air Conditioner

AirSmart directors Bob Belanger and David Filipovic have a combined 50 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry.

Melbourne Air Conditioning

Small Duct System

Small duct technology has been around for decades, however more recently, as technology has improved, solutions have advanced tremendously.

Initially, this cooling solution was popular overseas but struggled to enter the Australian market.

AirSmart air conditioner was one of the major influences that introduced Australia to the impressive features of small ducted systems in the home and office.

Now, small ducted systems are popular amongst new builds where space may be tight and walls and ceilings are more condensed. Learn more about the smart advantages of small ducted systems here.

AirSmart Ventuni

Once you meet AirSmart air conditioner Venturi, you’ll be mesmerised by its advanced technology and flexible installation.

AirSmart Venturi provides a variety of brilliant benefits, all focused around efficiency and comfort. The subtle grilles are beautifully designed and unobtrusive, resulting in an immediate improvement in room aesthetics. Read more about AirSmart Venturi here.

Eliminating unpleasant hot and cold spots, AirSmart Venturi is one of the best small ducted systems on the market. Coolpro’s expert planning combined with the right system from AirSmart ensures utmost comfort and perfectly mixed air.

AirSmart Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

AirSmart is one of the most popular small duct solutions that Coolpro designs and installs. Whether it’s for a new domestic or commercial build, AirSmart’s contemporary systems could be the right ducted air conditioning solution for your next project.

Engage Coolpro as early as possible! Remember, though, that we can also join a project later in the process while still delivering the right solution at the right cost. Are you ready to move to the next step? Send us your plans!