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Air Purification System

Fresh, clean, and pure air really needs to be breathed to be believed!

AirSmart’s air purifiers improve air quality, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment.

The danger of poor indoor air quality

  • You spend up to 90% of your time indoors
  • Indoor air quality is one of the top environmental risks to public health
  • Air pollution can contribute to lung disease, asthma, and respiratory problems
  • Indoor air pollution is a problem for all types of homes, regardless of their location (urban vs. rural, etc.)

What contributes to poor indoor air quality?

  • Pet dander
  • Mould
  • Pollen
  • Dust and mites
  • Second-hand smoke
  • Carpet
  • Cleaning agents

The above are some of the most common sources of air pollutants in your home. Day in and day out, you’re breathing this air and subsequently worsening frustrating allergies and respiratory issues.

Air purification

We spend 90% of our time indoors, but here, the air is up to five times worse than the air outdoors!

That doesn’t make sense!

Why should we spend the majority of our day breathing in contaminated, allergy-prone air in spaces like our home or office?

How does air purification work?

  • Air purifiers remove pollutants and small allergens like dust from the air before the air has been passed into a room
  • A fine sieve is the core part of the purifier, trapping and stopping microscopic bacteria from passing through with the rest of the oxygen
  • This results in only the cleanest and purest air circulating in a room
  • Even though you can’t see the toxins in the air, you can certainly feel the difference when you’re in a room that’s fitted with a smart filtering system

If only there was a solution…

Of course there is!

Air purification though the AirSmart heating and cooling system reduces health risks by dramatically improving air quality, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Benefits of air purification

Remove bacteria

Stop the spread of infectious diseases by removing bacteria that cause viruses and colds.

Reduce allergy symptoms

Advanced purification can remove the primary source that leads to irritating allergens. These microscopic particles include pollen, dander, dust, and fungus.

Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are compounds that easily become vapours or gases. Examples include car fumes, paint solvents, and cleaning products.

Most of these VOCs evaporate quickly into the air, and one in particular – carbon monoxide – has no scent, making it almost impossible to detect. VOCs can lead to a range of health and respiratory issues.

Through effective and advanced air purification technology, Coolpro can install a smart heating and cooling solution that reduces indoor air contamination.

Air purifiers from Melbourne’s Coolpro

By removing the source of poor quality air, we’re improving the purity of the air, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier living and working environment.

It really needs to be breathed to believe!

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