Ducted Heating And Cooling Melbourne CBD

The number of private dwellings in Melbourne’s CBD is set to grow by 155% over the next 20 years, from around 20,500 to 51,500.

Many of these residences are apartment complexes popping up all over the city (and its immediate surrounds including Docklands, South Wharf, Richmond, and Carlton.)

Melbourne Air Conditioning

As the cost of living in Melbourne increases, consumers have a right to grow their demands, too. Comfort in a property – whether it’s a private dwelling or commercial space – is crucial. Year-round comfort and temperature control is achieved only through the most thorough ducted heating and cooling Melbourne solutions, so if you’re a builder, architect, or fit-out specialist, you need Coolpro’s expertise.

Melbourne’s Air Quality

The Environment Protection Authority of Victoria (EPA) began measuring Melbourne’s air quality in 1973, as it was worsening. However in the decades that followed, ESA saw an encouraging improvement in the quality of our air.

Technological advancements in cars, businesses, and appliances have all contributed to this improvement; so too have more modern and efficient ducted heating and cooling Melbourne. More precise temperature control means units are operating at their most efficient, reducing not only the energy consumed, but the costs to operate, too.

Typical CBD Dwellings

The commercial hub of a city, the CBD is also referred to as simply “the city”. It is the business centre, often synonymous with a city’s financial district.

The typical mix of dwellings in the city include:

  • High rises
  • Commercial properties
  • Retail stores
  • Apartment complexes
  • Business corporations
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Theatres

Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

The city centre is filled with a variety of building types, each with their own ducted air conditioning needs. The effects of humidity can also be more prevalent in this built-up environment.

Call Coolpro today for the perfect ducted heating and cooling Melbourne solutions for your next Melbourne CBD development, renovation, or project.